With happiness all around.

I could see the flowers blooming

With all their pain

Lined up near the thorns

The red little rose must have

Got affected due to all these securities

That prison her freedom when someone

Wanted to admire her


Shedding tears through the leaves

Which you called transpiration

She tried saying to the world

I am tried of being alive”


Her petals falling down

Which people assumed her old age

She tried sharing her feelings

But was taken for wrong


Being grounded to that one flower pot

Watching the same insane world changing

Into a hell, or maybe a world no less than a war

She got the proof for her self written theory that

Nothing stays by, people, emotions, money, love

everything change with time”


She mentally writes out every detail

that keeps her scars fresh

But finally one day, she gets plucked by a little girl

And, all she could say was..

I don’t regret my death, because now I will find a better world

With happiness all around.


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First love, Life, Pyaar, True friendship

Difficulties all the way..

A piece of poetry or writing or whatever you call it..

She looked sideways before crossing the road

She closed her eyes before trusting people

Innocency was inbuilt in her blood

Smiles were written on her face

She let go of herself each time

When she found herself happy with the new people

She shared every tit bit of her’s

But little, did she know that the world is way too cruel to keep her secrets !

She sobbed till her eyes got red

Till her heart filled with sadness

And then she would say “Difficulties all the way” !

But this time ! She stood up with the motto of never sharing anything..


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Random thoughts !!

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Notebook ke piche ki shayari…

A little poem, written with all emotions.

Hope you like it ! Happy reading !

Tum meri notebook ke piche ki shayari ho.

Aur main tumhare liye koi aam kitaab ka panna.


Tum mere liye koi geet ka bich ka bhaag ho, jisme mera jhoom uthta hai.

Aur main tumhare liye, woh aakhri hissa jisse tum skip kardete ho.


Tum mere saalon ka intezaar ho.

Aur main tumhare liye koi aam din.


Tum mere indradhanush ho.

Aur main tumhare liye koi aisi shaam jo kabhi nahi thi rangeen.


Lekin inn sab se upar,..

Tum meri zindagi ho.

Aur main tumhari zindagi ka hissa bhi nahi.


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Is anybody listening ?

Something I really want to say…

Did you ever think that being sad or lonely can actually give you satisfaction ?

Did you ever think that being an introvert from an extrovert brings changes in a good manner in your life ?

Yes ! I would like to say yes. Nowadays, getting lost in my world feels good. Staying away from people brings satisfaction. But, do you know one thing ? I used to be an extrovert, when I was young, I loved talking, loved crowds and loved people around me. And nowadays, things are changing. I don’t know, but crying alone in the midnight and staying quite makes me happy. This sadness feels good. The people whom I trust previously, I don’t want to. To talk to people, I am pushing myself nowadays and this thing disturbs my new perspective of seeing thin around. I don’t feel like trusting. I don’t like talking. All I want is myself, me and my company. I don’t have any idea where everything is going, but this feels good. It brings comfort. And for this thing, I just don’t want to ask people when I talk usually….Is anybody listening ?

Just a random post as I have been going through all this from a few days, Not a story nor a poem.


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New Wattpad Story (Fanfiction )

Hello everyone ! This is not a post. So I tried writing what happened after mailing the audiotapes in 13 reasons why, its a book edition, I mean not the Netflix one, However I hope you can relate. Please tell me how it is ! In the comment section here, or else in Wattpad.

I think you’d like this story: “13 Reasons Why: After mailing the audiotapes…(Book edition)” by KhushiJotsDown on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/184180443?utm_medium=org.wordpress.android&utm_content=story_info&utm_source=android